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Using Bonds to Fund Affordable Housing
Using Tax Credits to Fund Affordable Housing
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Helping Architects Cut Through Affordable Housing Red Tape
Interview: Back to School
Housing Trust Funds Provide Options
Why Is Paving Your Property So Important?
How To Choose Building Contractors?
Builders Can Salvage Your Property!
Modular Church Buildings Are Beautiful, Affordable and Feasible
Affordable Housing Development in Puerto Rico
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  Using Bonds to Fund Affordable Housing
As states work to create and pass budgets for current and subsequent fiscal years, they're having to find creative ways to fund important projects. One of the projects that few cities or states want to cut is affordable housing. The economic recession has increased the number of people who need inexpensive housing, and few communities can meet the demand.

  Using Tax Credits to Fund Affordable Housing
As the U.S. economy struggles to recover, cities and states continue to see an increased need for affordable housing in their respective areas. Attempts to meet that need have resulted in creative solutions, and some that are more straight-forward. HUD introduced a ground-breaking program aimed at selling foreclosed homes. Others, like the state of Illinois, simply extended existing programs.

  Steel Boat Buildings
Steel boat buildings are today popular all over the world where they protect boats from theft and the wear and tear of the elements. A steel boat building is also great as a storage facility for items needed for your boat, such as boating equipment.

  Helping Architects Cut Through Affordable Housing Red Tape
Architects play an important role in affordable housing development. Even the most innovative, effective development plan can't move forward unless the architectural plans are accurate and meet applicable requirements. Roberta Feldman knows this. As the City Design Center Director for the University of Illinois, she aims to help architects cut through governmental red tape when designing affordable plans.

  Interview: Back to School
In a recent article we looked at the difficult situation and job fears that many students on construction related degree courses are currently facing, and those of us that already have some work experience on our CV's to offer prospective employers should probably consider ourselves fortunate. Yet in the tough job market many are looking to stand out from the crowd by gaining professional memberships or considering higher education qualifications.

  Housing Trust Funds Provide Options
As the need for affordable housing increases, and state and city budgets steadily decrease, creative solutions are needed to address affordable housing issues. One way that states are tackling their challenges is by establishing Housing Trust Funds.

  Why Is Paving Your Property So Important?
It goes without saying that "first appearance is the best appearance." Although some of us may disagree, but the truth is we generally form an opinion or judgment in our mind after the first appearance. This is even more valid in the case of a house or a building. If you see a derelict and crumbling villa or office, wouldn't you feel like never visiting the place again?

  How To Choose Building Contractors?
Is your home falling apart with each passing day? When we first enter a brand new house and make it our "home" we feel proud to be living in it. But with the passage of time, the solid foundation starts to crumble and decay. The stones become loose, the driveway is in ruins, or the patio is falling to bits. It is sad for the owner to witness this condition.

  Builders Can Salvage Your Property!
Irrespective of the fact whether you are buying a property to set up an office or for your new home, there is a wide possibility of it needing extensive repairs. The driveway might be in a bad condition or the patio maybe falling apart. Don't be under the misconception that only the interiors require extensive repairs - the exteriors too require equal attention.

  Modular Church Buildings Are Beautiful, Affordable and Feasible
Modular church buildings provide beautiful, affordable and feasible options for ministries of all sizes. This is a cost-effective way to add additional space to your current facility. Worship centers, gymnasiums, administrative and pastoral offices, classrooms, and more are all easily added through the use of a prefab building structure.

  Affordable Housing Development in Puerto Rico
Affordable housing developers are always on the lookout for new opportunities. One place they may not think to look is Puerto Rico. In a statement released earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Commonwealth to help improve and implement its housing plan.

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